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Weekly Readings Bundle


Please be sure to leave a valid email address at checkout. This is where you will be contacted in order to set up your readings!

Enjoy having readings every week! When life and decisions become complicated, long, and draining, it can be difficult to see & hear the guidance of out Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Ancestors. Hearing and trusting our own intuition can be even more difficult. Regular occurring readings can help us stay in-tuned, grounded, and feeling confident in ourselves and where life may be taking us. 

Options: Each bundle is 4 weeks or 1 month of readings. 1 reading per week.

-Just Checking In: 15 minute reading once a week. Great for small, short lasting issues or those annoying life curve balls. *cough* Mercury Retrograde *cough*    ;-)

-Give Me the Details: 30-45 minute reading once a week. Great for minor life changes and decisions like finding a new career path or calling, moving to a new state, healing old habits that resurface, or getting life in order for a milestone such as marriage or starting a family. *Not to be mistaken for predicting WHEN these milestones will happen but, how to best prepare, make adjustments for, what to look for, and how to best accommodate. *

-Transformation Guidance: 1-1.5 hr reading once a week. Great for lengthy discussions, deep questions, self transformation, awakening, reflection, shadow working, and 'dark nights of the soul'. Many who choose these readings feel like life is hopeless, not sure where to turn, what to do, and feel lost. Some are looking into & are working on healing past traumas and abuse, shadow working, and changing at the core of who they are. 

***NONE of these readings are to be taken as a substitute for professional medical and mental health help. These readings are a support aid to regular health visits and check ups.