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Please note there is a maximum 2-3 week delay on some items with COVID-19 restrictions. We are working as fast as possible.
Please note there is a maximum 2-3 week delay on some items with COVID-19 restrictions. We are working as fast as possible.

Tarot & Oracle Readings by Session Length


Please be sure to leave a valid email address at checkout. This is where you will be contacted in order to set up your readings! Also now offering in person readings for people located in Aurora/Denver Colorado. Choose the 'Live' option for in person readings.

For a more free flowing Guidance reading, get a reading by session length. These readings are a set amount of time that we can sit together and chat or how long of a recorded video you will receive. 

Private Tarot and Oracle reading sessions are a wonderful way to get reconnected to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and make life choices and changes a it easier. Sometimes we get stuck in the mundane and ego drive of the physical body. While this is perfectly normal, it can lead us places we don't intend to go. If you are feeling lost, confused, or having trouble hearing your intuition, a Guidance session can be a great deal of help. My readings and channeling tend to take a life on of their own and many times have chosen not to "sugar coat" life happenings. That said, it is always my goal to get you as much information as possible to make the best choices and decisions for your life. Here are some helpful questions you can ask in or before your sessions, or as an overall topic:

  • I am feeling blocked/stuck in my career/home/relationship, how can I heal this?
  • I am struggling with over coming fears/challenges/traumas, where can I heal to help with this?
  • How do I know this certain path is for me?
  • What general/overall guidance do my Guides have for me?
  • I am having trouble deciding on A or B, may I please have insight into the situation?
  • I keep seeing repeating numbers/signs/synchronizations, what do they mean?

    The sessions I offer can be done live on Facebook Video Chat or Skype, or can be filmed and posted privately to Youtube for you to view on your own time and as many times as you wish (recommended option). All Youtube videos WILL BE PRIVATE and given a secure link so that no one may see the content unless you share the private link with someone.
    Please choose whether you would like your session live or filmed and a specific spread. If you choose live, please leave an e-mail address at checkout so that I can contact you to set up a time. All of my sessions are thoroughly detailed and are given with Oracle support.