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Astrology Forecast: January 2020

Astrology Forecast: January 2020

Week 1: Stay Focused

          This year begins with a beautifully lit fire from the Universe. Jan 2nd hosts a 1st Quarter Moon in Aries, followed by Mars entering Sagittarius on the 3rd. This triple dose of fire energy is just the spice needed to make it through the last dark days of winter and dream ahead the days of Spring. This is the year we build our personal empires. The courage, independence, and daring feel to the Mars energy will have you chasing every idea the Aries moon creates with the promise of long term from Sagittarius. Giving in to the “shiny new-thing syndrome” will be tempting but, it is wise to spend your fire on true passion projects rather than whims. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the big questions. What are you wanting with, not from, life? Are you happy with where you are in your daily routines? Is there a soul-calling that you have been ignoring? Earth and Fire are in heavy play this month which is a perfect time to mold and create ideal foundations for yourself. Like shaping pottery and using the furnace to set, what you create now will have a lasting effect for the next 7-10 years. Use any ideas, thoughts, feelings, or internal pushing from the Capricorn New Moon and Solar eclipse on December 25th & 26th as clues to where you need to apply your energy.


Week 2: Stay Confident & Balanced in Yourself

 The second week brings a literal tidal wave of energies with a strong desire to grow and expand our mind and soul. Beginning on the 8th Jupiter moves in opposition to the True Node or North Node asking us to release old thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and modes of thinking. The deep questions from the first week are going even deeper. What are we going do to about any discontent and longing we have? Why haven’t we made the changes we want, and if we have, has there been any slipping? What are our fears called? It’s high past time we name those fears and get a move on. Are we happy with who we are on a fundamental level? These lessons and questions will have a ring of Déjà vu to them. Think back to 2015, ’16, 17 and forward to present day. The questioning within has been getting louder and more persistent. The connection to our subconscious will be strong as one of Jupiter’s ruling zodiacs is Pisces. Again, these changes will be on a core level and in the foundations of who we are. Our philosophy, other-worldly conversations, religions, and spiritual studies will be brought up for questioning, reevaluation, and expansion. This makes for a wonderful time to practice Dream work, Astral Travel, and Divination to help bring us out of our current comfort zone. With our internal depths closer to the surface, slipping into the Astral Realm will be an easier ride and we can then gain the answers to those deep questions. Hermit and soul-searching energy galore. Combined this with a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th and you have a deep feeling, intuitive, passionate, and intense desire for a full overhaul change within the Self. The great part is the change we make within should be easily applied to the physical realm if we allow the growth to happen and give the Self permission to move forward.

Uranus will continue the push and shove for outward expansion by moving direct in Taurus, also on the 10th, demanding innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and reinvention of our lives. We know Uranus is stationed in Taurus for the next six years and this mildly troublesome pairing can have their ugly moments. Taurus isn’t interested in change but, does enjoy the building aspect. However, these changes will be made on Uranus’s timeline which is must hastier than the casual plod along of Taurus. Be mindful of burn out and strong resistance to anything new this year. You never know how something will go if you don’t try. Stagnation is not an option this year. Uranus will only show us all the reasons for letting go if we cling to the old.

2020’s energetic number is 4, adding to the general focus and theme of our main pillars; family, home, career, stability, and growth within our physical world. Breaking out of shells and stepping out of comfort zones will be met with great abundance, blessings, and long-term connections but, it will not be handed out willy-nilly. The 12th brings a strong backwards pull from Saturn conjunction to Pluto both in Capricorn. This happens roughly every 30+ years and can complicate the growth process. Capricorn will bring a narrow focus to the point of obsession which can take over in pursuit of our goals. Fear, ego, and shadows from Pluto make the comfort zones seem extra comfy in comparison to the harsh world and its power play dramas. Saturn, also in Capricorn, plays the career, perfectionism, and Self value cards which will add to the mindset of lack and play on our self-esteem fears with seemingly impossible standards.

Hard work, raw honesty (not brutal), and objectivity will be paramount when working on the shadow self to overcome these blockages. It will be best to save the emotions for another day. Allowing your head to run away with your heart is not an ideal situation. This can make the weight of the Cancer Eclipse much heavier as she is also pushing and pulling for intuitive and emotional growth. Simply put, the Devil Card and bad-tempered Emperors in tarot will reign supreme if you allow it, and it very well could throw off the groove for most of the year. Feelings of being caught in a mosh-pit and tugged in all directions can lead to mental breakdowns, identity crisis, and “madness”. Let it happen if it does. It’s time for the old to shatter and break beyond repair for good anyway. If managed to be worked correctly, Saturn and Pluto can play nice together. They both strive for success, power, strong organization to the point of flawlessness, and confidence in the Self. Strong centered grounding and an equal balance of logic and intuition will be key to navigating these planetary movements.


Week 3:

The last week of January will be a bit easier to negotiate but will not be any less potent. Venus will be making her usual rounds beginning on the 13th by diving into Pisces. When we are not caught in the power plays and have a moment to regain ourselves, she will be around to offer some solace. Her focus will remain on love, compassion, intuition, and wisdom. There is a chance for genuine love and apologies to be made from the hectic energies that are at play. Do be careful of trying to escape from reality and into her arms. Falling for any ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ of beauty queen that walks by with a smile is not a wise choice here. Her only advice this passing to practice empathy by remembering everyone has their blunders, take a rest, and get back into the fighting ring. Be gentle on yourself during this week.

On the 16th Mercury will happily move in Aquarius. Once the shock of the first 2 weeks has become old news, we will leap forward with new thoughts, perspectives, ideas, and epiphany moments. Though Saturn and Pluto’s energies will carry on for a few more days, this newfound Aquarian energy of thought and insight will bring creative solutions for the sticky drama that ensued. The coolness of the Air element will be a relief from the Fire that started the month. Communication, practical thinking, and out-of-the-box ideas will resume with ease. With Aquarius season beginning on the 20th, followed by the Aquarian New Moon on the 24th, we will have creativity, innovation, and intellectual spark to lead the way into the rest of the year. Spend the new moon shedding anything that came up during Saturn and Pluto’s dance. If Venus did happen to drag back the Ex’s or bring back the fears of giving and receiving love, use the new moon to reflect on those moments and let them fall away.


Overall for January

2020 has no room for baggage and absolutely zero patience for bringing it along. We have been learning everything that we need to know for this exact year and the rest of the decade to follow. 2019 was almost like a final exam with 2015 beginning the test itself. If you “failed” (loose term), you have a great deal of work to do plus get caught up on the rest of your growth on top of it. Dive into the shadow work of the first two weeks in order to gain the most progress. These first 2-3 weeks will tell all, what needs to be addressed, released and, moved away from. If you have been doing well and perhaps the drama energies ensnared you a bit, shake it off, nip it in the bum, burn it in the cauldron, and carry on. Think of this as graduating from Highschool and spending your first days in college. We are now fully empowered Magicians with all the tools we need within us and around us. It’s time to begin again and build the next level.

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sharon - November 21, 2020

nicely, nicely put. the 2015, 2019 reference really caught my attention. do you give readings?

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